Dad makes family wear head torches and only turns heating on once a week

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As the cost of living crisis continues to affect millions of people’s lives every day, one dad has taken to extreme lengths to save money this winter.

With the potential of blackouts early next year, saving energy has never been so important.

However, Chavdar Todorov, 53, has gone to extreme measures in his attempt to try and save as much money as possible.

After seeing their bill more than double in price to £320 a month, Chavdar knew he and his family needed to cut back on energy usage.

Chavdar knew he had to do something after rising bills. Credit: SWNS

Normally, you’d think limiting your time watching the TV or turning lights off when you’re not in a room may be an ideal solution.

But Chavdar has gone the extra step to ensure his family is saving as much money as possible following the expensive bills.

The dad has introduced a ‘no electricity at home’ policy where the family wear head torches around the house instead of turning the lights on in the dark.

Chavdar bought the headlights for just £8.48 a pop, but admitted he feels like they’re living in the past.

He said: “It’s like we’re back in the 18th century.

“We don’t know what the bill is going to be like at the end of the month so we’re doing everything we can.

“I can now wear the headtorch and get around without switching on the lights.

“We’re reducing our TV watching and only having it on sometimes.

“We can only do everything we can.”

Alongside that, the family is also limiting their heating by only turning it on once a week and are keeping warm by wrapping up in coats and blankets.

Chavdar’s wife Moda and their children – 14-year-old Teo and 20-year-old Nicole – are making the mammoth effort in an attempt to lower their annual £3,800 bill.

Moda, from Barnet, London, said: “We’re trying to think positive but it’s hard.

“I don’t put the heating on if I’m home alone and just keep my jacket on.

“My husband came up with the funny idea of using head torches.

Moda is hoping she won’t have to wear a head torch for too much longer. Credit: SWNS

“We keep the lights off and use our head torches but it’s scary and I don’t feel as safe.

“There have been a lot of burglaries in our area.

“We light candles and try and make it romantic.”

Moda – who is originally from Bulgaria – did admit, however, that she hoped the torch wearing would not have to continue.

“I hope it’s not something we’ll keep having to do,” she said.

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