Family’s German shepherd saves boy, 6, from potential dog a ttack

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A video of a German shepherd saving a young boy from a potential dog a.ttack has recently gone viral on TikTok.
Posting the short but heartstopping to the social media platform, TikToker and mom @lovehenesy94 told her followers that their neighbor’s dog “randomly charged at my son last night and my Tanky saved him from getting mauled or worst [sic].”
As per Newsweek, the footage shows the six-year-old boy playing out on the grass before the dog from across the road comes charging toward him. Tank, the family’s German shepherd, immediately springs into action, stopping the canine from getting anywhere near the child and preventing a potential incident.
As of this writing, the video has since been viewed almost 27 million times.
Check it out below:
Watch the VlDEO
Upon seeing the heroic act, users left comments commending Tank for his bravery.

“Getting your son cover [sic] and redirecting the other dog so seamlessly away from your son. Such an amazing and smart dog,” applauded one user.
“THE BEST BOY!!!! I’d feed him steak for a week straight if mine did that. you’re blessed to have him,” added another.
A third also reiterated how quick and efficient the German shepherd’s actions were: “The German Shepherd even [looked] back to make sure the child was safe!! This blew me away.”
Credit: TikTok
Others also praised the second dog, a grey pitbull, that also came to help when he sensed the d anger, with one person writing: “I love the pittie coming from behind like HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!”
And another also quipped that the other dog came as “back up.”

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