SPAK file for Blushi/From the father-in-law’s palace, properties with ridiculous values, to the lands in the sea coast and Dardha


Impunity for officials or politicians and their families, is a major issue in international reports on assessments of Albania. Records for corruption files, ie the punishment of the so-called “big fish”, is also the condition for the integration process.

Rumors of corruption are raised from the political tribune, but part of the SPAK investigation, the special prosecution, may be the way of increase the wealth by people associated with the government.

Ben Blushi, turns out to be the luckiest groom, from the properties he buys with very little money, to the father-in-law who builds palaces. From a survey of his wealth, it turns out that from 2003-2017 and onward when he was paid from the taxes of Albanians, Blushi has multiplied his wealth in millions of euros.

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Ben Blushi is the typical case of how a politician secures wealth and makes his father-in-law a palace builder, which is worth over 10 million euros in the middle of Tirana. In the investigations carried out by the media, it turns out that Ben Blushi’s father-in-law, Abaz Brati has built a building in the center of Tirana, after he has benefited a part of the property with a formal lawsuit by writing off a debt that is actually denied today by the partner of this investment.

This shows that there are all doubts, after the views of businessman Andron Dhima, that the scheme was prepared in favor of Ben Blush, and is the latter who has made his father-in-law builders of palaces. On Abaz Brati’s son-in-law, there has been a lot of talk about the alienated properties in Dardha or Dhërmi, where there was a strong clash that led to the unregistered of the property.

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While the construction permit for the palace of Ben Blushi’s father-in-law in Tirana was given by Edi Rama, at that time mayor of Tirana, exposing Blushi after the accusations made against Rama, during the movement for a different opinion in the Socialist Party. Ben Blushi appears in an open conflict of political interest, in this case following the accusations of that time.

So this mansion of the father-in-law that worth millions of dollars, the property in Dhërmi proven as forgery after it was unregistered, can serve as clues for the launch of investigations by SPAK. These are the first facts, as it is the concealment of the real value of a property in Korça, which costs 400.000 euro, but has been declared for only 30.000 euro, and has paid the purchase costs for almost 18 months. We are waiting for SPAK to wake up, and use the standard of Adriatik Llalla for Ben Blushi./

Dosje për SPAK për Blushin/ Nga pallati i vjehrrit, pronat me vlera qesharake tek tokat në bregdet e Dardhë