The SMI is still standing, as it has Fahri, Pasmaçiu and Irfan on its side


Yesterday caused a stir the news in the media, that the former minister and former MP of the Socialist Movement for Integration, one of Ilir Meta’s closest associates, Nasip Naço, had left Monika Kryemadhi’s party to join the Renaissance socialists.

This was the next news about the departures that have started in the SMI, where the hemorrhage of this force towards power is understandable. No one can be fed up with crumbs, when Monika and Ilir bargain left and right for themselves.

But even though Nasip Naço, Lefter Koka or local leaders from Korça, in Fier, Vlora, Elbasan, Durrës and Shkodra left from the party, the SMI is still standing, and Monika seems calm. Ilir Meta has provided her 3 powerful media owners, who are also the enlightened people of the party.

Fahri Balliu, of the State Security of the Communist Party, who already claims to make

his son a deputy with the SMI. So Nasip leaves and Klevis comes. The second is Irfan Hysenbelliu, who has already nominated one of his employees as a candidate of the SMI in Berat.

Lefter Koka or Robert Bitri leave, but Irfan brings Ardit Çela. Last in line but not in importance is Ylli Ndroqi, alias Xhemail Pasmaçiu. This internationally renowned intellectual, a career diplomat already under investigation by the SPAK, use his media as a war base for the SMI.

So 5 or 6 leaders of the SMI have fled to Tirana, but Xhemaili attacks with Briseida Shehaj and those who come around and want power every time the SMI makes the next bargain. In fact lately the situation is more delicate, as many of those who took command from above, are now bargaining themselves from below.

However, the SMI has 3 important personalities, intellectuals and diplomats, who cover every created gap. Fahri Balliu, Irfan Hysenbelliu and Xhemail Pasmaçiu. And there is a fourth person named Artur Zheji. But it is not known where Rama introduced him as a punishment to reconcile with one another./

LSI mbahet, i ka ngelur Fahriu, Pasmaçiu dhe Irfani