Who is Monika Kryemadhi preparing to lie!


In one of her media appearances, Monika Kryemadhi left aside the topics of sex and lectures on jealousy in the couple, and spoke something about the election lists. She stated that in some constituencies the SMI will come up in election with a list of its own, and in some others with a joint list with the Democratic Party.

Let’s analyze them in turn! First, for those who listened to Monika Kryemadhi, we must clarify that she cannot run in the elections with a list of the SMI in only a part of the districts. It should have complete lists in all regions of the country. This is the condition that the Electoral Code imposes on Kryemadhi, in case she wants to register the SMI in the elections. If Monika has 140 names of candidates for MPs, then she needs them all to go to the SMI list.

But if she hasn’t 140 names, then begin to make sense the game that the leader of the SMI is pretending to have a lot of candidates, but in some districts she will owe it to Lulzim Basha, since this latter cannot get votes without SMI names in its lists. If there are no 140 candidate names, Monika Kryemadhi could be included in Basha’s list. But she cannot enter in the coalition in several counties, and compete alone in several other counties! That not only will easily confuse Basha, but would also create confusion among all DP voters.

The Electoral Code prohibits an electoral subject from appearing on a separate list, and at the same time running on a coalition list. Its not clear why Monika asks that for example that Elona Guri not be voted on the ballot paper in the box “SMI/Elona Guri”, but first go to the list of Luli Basha, or the coalition of the latter to vote, then in the box:”DP/Elona Guri”!

In the latter, Elona Guri risks not receiving any votes! Because those who love Democratic Party, cannot associate the name of their party with the name of Elona Guri. On the other hand, those who want the SMI with Elona Guri, will not be able to find Elona on the SMI list. So Monika needs to see a little better this issue. If Monica doesn’t have the 140 names she needs, then she can go out and lie publicly saying she has them. But in fact, she has not everyone on the list of the SMI, because he has included some others in the list of Luli Basha./CNA.al