Woman Who Got Stuck Behind Sofa After Extremely Boozy Lunch Nearly Had Fire Brigade Rescue Her

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Earlier this week, a woman went viral after getting wedged behind a sofa following a boozy bottomless brunch over the Easter bank holiday. Watch the hilarious clip below if you haven’t already:

Lindsey Clark had been celebrating a pal’s 47th birthday at the TwelveTwentyFive restaurant in North Tyneside when the hilarious incident occurred and found herself in quite the predicament after reaching round the back of a sofa to grab her friend’s coat.

Somehow, she managed to fully catapult herself upside down behind the back of the sofa just moments later, getting herself completely stuck.

Lindsey was trapped for a good ten minutes before being rescued by helpful restaurant staff and fortunately, she saw the funny side.

Lindsey’s friend, support worker Julie Jackson from Newcastle, recalled the incident, explaining: “We were drinking all sorts but a lot of prosecco. My other friend’s jacket fell behind the sofa so Lindsey reached down to get it and fell behind the sofa.

Lindsey Clark was stuck behind the sofa completely upside down for a good ten minutes. Credit North News and Pictures

“She was stuck for about 10 minutes in total. The staff were all lovely, they could have been funny about it but they were really nice. It’s not a birthday I’ll forget.”

Julie shared the hilarious video on her Facebook page, where it instantly went viral.

She said: “I didn’t expect to get that reaction. Lindsey finds it hilarious, it’s just a bit of a laugh. She’s always wanted to be famous, although I don’t think this is how she expected it to happen.”

And in an update we’ve all been desperate for, Lindsey appeared on This Morning today and dished the dirt on the story behind the viral video, explaining that shocked bystanders were ‘ready to call the fire brigade’.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield couldn’t contain their laughter as the interview began, saying ‘everyone’ had been talking about the hilarious ordeal.

Lindsey appeared on This Morning to tell her side of the hilarious story. Credit: ITV

Phil then asked Lindsey how she felt about the emergency services being called, to which she replied: “I said to the [two restaurant staff], ‘That’s it, get us out now’.

“I could not have that, I would have been mortified. That would have been even more embarrassing.”

Talking about newfound fame after the clip went viral, Lindsey said: “It’s just mental. I mean, it is funny, but I didn’t realise that it was going to be that funny.

“I always put stupid things on Facebook… I’m happy it’s [gone] viral if people think it’s funny.”

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